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Teamwork is what makes common people achieve uncommon results.

The Jetwing project is all about teamwork, innovation and creative thinking.



Teamwork is what makes common people achieve uncommon results.

The Jetwing project is all about teamwork, innovation and creative thinking.


Evolve Team

Rex Pemberton and Jason Johanson have been working together for 6 years to make the JetWing a reality. Rex as test pilot and business manager. Jason works as the chief engineer.

They are dedicated to creating the very best Jetwing possible. Rex and Jason are supported by a group of specialists with expertise in aerodynamics, turbine engines, sponsorship, skydiving and computer engineering.


Rex Pemberton - Founder & Test Pilot

Rex is one of the world’s best adventurers, breaking countless world records across a wide platform of adventure sports. Most notably, Rex made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb Mt Everest. He then went on to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. It was during his professional climbing career that he took up skydiving and found a new passion for flight. Now with thousands of skydives, Rex finds himself traveling the globe performing at the worlds largest airshows. He is ambitious, driven and focused to achieve new heights. Rex, hails from Sydney Australia and now lives at Pine Mountain Lake California.


Nick Rue - Partnerships

Nick has over twelve years sales experience which overtime has evolved into a keen focus within strategic branded content, global account management and advisory consulting within the marketing, IT and emerging technology industries. For Evolve, Nick’s looks after our strategic partnerships, branded content and ambassador programs.


Jason Johanson - Construction

Jason has been a pilot for over 15 years, he is also a master craftsman. Jason has lead all Xwing construction work from concept design to carbon layup to finishing. Jason's constructions skills have made the jetwing safe and airworthy.


Bob Nascimento - Design

Bob designs and builds airplanes. He spent over 200 hours designing the airfoil for the Xwing project. Bob also designs the mechanical mechanisms using CAD and CNC technology.

Bob's design expertise is the reason why the jetwing can fly!


Barry Hou - Turbines

Barry is a strategic partner for Evolve Aerosports. He is the US distributor of KingTech Turbines. The company creates some of the strongest and most reliable turbine Jets in the industry. Their creative designs and engineering puts them ahead in the world of RC Turbine Jet engines. Barry is our in house turbine engineer. Anything Turbine related we ask Barry!


Scott Plamer - Test & display pilot

Scott Palmer is a master at dynamic flight. He has developed many new methods of teaching body flight over the past 10 years.  Scott is also a master wingsuit pilot and has over 10,000 skydives. Scott's role on the team is to combine knowledge of dynamic flying with the Xwing and pave the way for jetwing aerobatics and display routines.



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Evolve Partnership

Our sponsors & partners are a huge factor in our success. They provide us with generous financial and organizational support and help to raise awareness of our vision to Evolve Human Flight.



There are many things to consider when selecting a turbine power plant. The level of trust is critical between the supplier and the customer. KingTech turbines have earned our trust in the areas:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering Capability
  • Design Excellence
  • Performance
  • Electronic Control

trojan fiberglass

Trojan Fiberglass is a well established fiberglass and composite manufacturer, based in Newcastle, Australia. Trojan Fiberglass has been supplying Evolve Aerosports with composite products for the last 5 years.


Velocity Sports Equipment

Velocity Sports Equipment is the maker of the Infinity harness container system. A small business that holds safety, customer service, and comfort to the highest levels. The Infinity is a truly unique custom rig with guaranteed satisfaction on fit and comfort. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the highest quality skydiving gear and equipment on the market. Our mission is to continue making a positive impact on the skydiving community, one rig at a time.

Liquid Sky Sports produces the most customizable and high quality skydving jumpsuits and tunnel suits on the planet. Liquid Sky jumsuits began with the Liquid Sky Original Freefly Suit but has expanded to include the Cosmo Suit, Comet Suit, Liquid Sky RW Suit, Ozone Suit, Lunar Suit, as well as Liquid Sky Camera Suits. Liquid Sky sponsor Evolve Aerosports athletes with custom jump suits and also graphic design for our Jetwings. They make us look good!


Cookie focuses on solving the real issues skydivers face during freefall, canopy piloting or in wind tunnels. Finding ways to avoid dangerous situations is what drives our research, development and ideas. The Cookie team is not only passionate about air-sports but also about creating the best and most innovative products for the skydive experience.